Digital Download: My Top 20 Conditions

Digital Download: My Top 20 Conditions


***Please note: this is NOT the 3-hour CEU seminar. This is a digital download (PDF) only.***

My Top 20 Conditions and Prescriptions Used in Clinic

This 25-page text contains 20 of my most used acupoint combinations based on seeing the most prevalent cases since 2007.

Some of these conditions are included in The Strength of TCM Workbook, and while the Workbook contains more Chinese medicine diagnostics, in this work I wanted to give readers a bit more insight into how I have personalized acupoint prescriptions over time: local, adjacent, distal, root cause (mentioning only the ones I see the most of), and helpers.  This can be used as a compendium to the Workbook or as a stand-alone.

This document is also a great introduction into how I think and primarily use TCM-Style acupuncture while making other styles fit the TCM-style mold.  I have also included treatment frequency, which I believe is not discussed as often as it should.

Conditions List

1. Sciatica

2. Stress

3. Low Back Pain

4. Painful Menstruation

5. TMJ

6. Tennis Elbow

7. Shoulder Pain

8. Low energy

9. Arthritis in Hands

10. Poor Sleep

11. Post-Concussion Syndrome & Whiplash

12. Gallbladder Attack

13. Constipation

14. Alopecia

15. Headache

16. Plantar Fasciitis

17. Knee Pain

18. Bell’s Palsy

19. Incontinence

20. Smoking Cessation

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