TCM: You Might Win Some (But You Just Lost One)

Image credit: Mother Mag

Image credit: Mother Mag

It's happened before and it will happen again.  I know it.  You see, I'm a pretty nice guy and I like to go out of my way to help people.  Most times it works out and they odd time it doesn't.  I used to get pretty upset - feel burned - but now it doesn't affect me so much.  I guess you'd call that experience, maturity or water off a duck's back.

My patient was in a lot of pain.  They came a few times and were slow to get better.  By the time they had come to my clinic they had seriously injured themselves with their lifestyle.  I explained that acupuncture takes more than one treatment and that their condition was a culmination of food and drink abuse.

They started the western medical doctor's medication but it hadn't done much after a few days so they stopped.  Then, my patient went to the natural health food store and asked if the staff had something to sell them.  The health food store was more than happy to oblige.  My patient took the supplement, again, for only a few days and quit as they didn't see the health benefit.  Then it became my turn to have a stab at it.

So, here I was, a couple treatments in with the long weekend around the corner.  Upon the patient's request, and much to my family's chagrin, I came into my office at 9am on a Saturday to treat my patient.

Two days later on that long-weekend-Monday I received a message from the patient's spouse.  They wouldn't be coming in to see me on Tuesday.  They called someone in the Big City and asked if they had any treatment or pills they could sell them in order to get better.  Of course the practitioner was happy to oblige.

My patient scoffed at my attempts to explain how dark, leafy greens, and vegetables in general, should make up a large portion of their diet and would contribute to them feeling better sooner.  The quick fix?  It doesn't exist.  Chinese medicine is S L O W medicine.

I might win some but I just lost one.  You will, too.  But if you look deep inside yourself, you'll realize that you gave it your all and some patients just won't come over to your side of the yard to play.  I'll call to follow up in a few days.  I'll be the bigger person.  And when they've ran here, there, and everywhere to find the quick fix, I'll still be here with open arms in the event they'd like to improve their quality of life.

Kenton Sefcik