TCMA: Process of Learning


I have been active in Chinese Kung-Fu since 1994. I am now likely some sort of knowledgeable individual and lead a small group of people in the system of Wing Chun and the process of Gung-Fu.  I’m the teacher. The top dog. The leader. And the man to beat.

I believe it is my job to introduce just the right amount of information so members of my group are challenged physically and stimulated mentally. My goal is to create a gritty environment where students smash their personal plateaus due to the palpable positive energy in the studio. Peer pressure in this space isn't negative - instead it is an infectious ethos whereby one's neighbour striving gives everyone else the strength to do the same.  I encourage seniors to practice what they've learned from me on beginning students. I encourage juniors in the sense of morale - we've all been there.

Every Monday I drive an hour away to take a class in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I am a beginner. Sometimes, like last night, I am the hammer - choking out juniors. Most times I am the nail - getting dominated by more experienced club members.  The entire time I am a student, listening to the words of my professor.

All martial arts are a process of needing a teacher (to introduce challenging and stimulating material), juniors (to work on what is taught), and seniors (to keep juniors humble).

I believe it is most rewarding that I am able to play all these roles at different times during the week.

Kenton Sefcik