Service: 1-Hour Acupuncture Plateau Buster

Service: 1-Hour Acupuncture Plateau Buster


You’ve read my Instagram and blog posts. You’ve watched my videos. I am an instigator, a motivator and a catalyst for change.

If you feel like your budding practice, or even your old and wrinkly clinic, has reached a plateau the APB is for you. Using whatever medium is best for you (Skype, FaceTime, Facebook messenger, etc), and at a time that is convenient for you, I will offer my help.

I have been in practice since 2007 and know how to build a practice. After moving 5000kms from my home-city to a small community I had to create something from the ground up. I can offer you all my experience, dream and scheme up a plan, and, finally, light a fire under your butt to help you bust through your current plateau.

Let’s do it! Purchase my APB and I’ll email you to set up a time.


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