My Services


New Patient Visit - 45 minutes

A comprehensive intake is completed, along with traditional tongue and pulse diagnosis.  All health systems are questioned as Traditional Chinese Medicine looks for patterns when creating treatment protocols.
After the intake is finished, the appointment includes a treatment plan, acupuncture treatment, as well as any herbal, dietary or lifestyle suggestions.


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Follow-Up - 45 minutes

Acupuncture follow-up includes a review of all pertinent signs and symptoms, tongue and pulse diagnosis and a treatment.

Wing Chun & Non-Classical Gung-Fu - 45 minutes

Lessons in Wing Chun and Gung-Fu can be done in a private or semi-private setting - a group may share the rate. My Wing Chun lineage comes from Ip Man, Moy Yat, Sunny Tang, Joe Boychuk, Dave Harris.  My Non-Classical Gung-Fu lineage comes from Bruce Lee, Jesse Glover, Suki Gosal.  Workouts are demanding.

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your knowledge, the talks, the laughs - most of all for the positive energy and faith in me.
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Intake & acupuncture treatment.

FOLLOW-UP - $75.

Review of signs and symptoms & acupuncture treatment.

Wing Chun & Gung-Fu Training - $60.

Learn the traditional Wing Chun Kung-Fu system and the Non-Classical Gung-Fu punching and sticking process.