For Practitioners


Safety is King / Bedside Manner is King / Results are King

In that order. Confidence in treating patients is something that is built up over time, but I know the process can be sped up. It happened to me. With the right mentorship and knowledge I believe a practitioner can become an expert in the field in about a year.

I have conversed with many acupuncturists who feel their education was sub-par. Also, they feel they weren’t prepared for the realities of running their own business. As you will have heard in my first podcast episode, I had a top education followed by mentoring for over a year. When I started to hear the horror stories of many college and university students I wanted to help. No one should be made to feel they are lacking anything when pursuing a career in a healing field. Instructors should not be afraid to talk about what acupoints are truly effective in practice, and how budding acupuncturists might have to get a part-time gig to initially support their full-time gig.

The Strength of TCM Workbook and podcast were born out of compassion - for any practitioner that feels they are lacking the knowledge of disease treatment protocols. The digital downloads are designed to answer the many questions that I get: “How do I improve bedside manner?” “How many times should I treat a condition?” “What is a good way to interview a new patient?” and “What does the behind-the-scenes of running a practice look like?”

For some practitioners, new and aged, they are hitting plateaus in their practice. Because of this I have created the Acupuncture Plateau Buster. The ABP is basically a one-hour, no-holds barred, fired-up chat with me - your personal mentor, with all my years experience - in order to help you bust through any business plateaus, and, ultimately, help more people in your community.

Lastly, I love to speak. If you’d like me to speak for your next conference or association meeting talk to your regulation body. Get in touch with me. I am well versed on topics from ‘Heavy Hitting Acupoints’ to ‘Business Management.’ My speaking opportunities are lively and no questions are off limits.

I am here to help. You can always contact me via the contact form on this website, or send me a DM on Instagram.